Willow wicker Planter

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Material: Willow
Dimension: Small
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Style: Woven & Classic

A Willow wicker planter is a charming, natural-looking container for plants. To use it, place your favourite flowers or greenery inside, ensuring proper drainage. With good care, these planters can last several years, but they may require occasional reweaving or varnishing. Their benefits include adding rustic aesthetics to your garden, excellent breathability for plant roots, and ease of mobility for repositioning your greenery.


  • Willow wicker planters add a rustic charm to any garden or outdoor space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • These eco-friendly planters can be used for sustainable gardening, promoting a green environment.
  • Willow wicker planters are perfect for showcasing a variety of herbs and flowers, creating a colourful and fragrant display.
  • Use them as stylish patio accents to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.
  • These planters can also be used indoors, adding a touch of nature to your home decor.

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