Willow Wicker Picnic Basket

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Material: Willow
Dimension: Medium
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Style: Classic & Traditional

A Willow Wicker Picnic Basket is a classic and charming outdoor dining accessory. It typically includes compartments and utensils for a complete picnic experience. To use it, pack your favourite food and beverages, and you're ready to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors. With proper care, these baskets can last for many years, and to maintain them, wipe them clean and store them in a dry place. The benefits include an elegant presentation, convenience, and a sustainable, eco-friendly choice for picnicking.


  • It is ideal for picnics in the park, beach, or countryside, providing a charming and rustic setting for meals.
  • Eco-friendly alternative for carrying and storing food, reducing the need for disposable containers.
  • Doubles as a decorative piece, adding rustic elegance to your outdoor gatherings.
  • Keep food, drinks, and utensils organised and easily accessible for a stress-free picnic experience.
  • Perfect for creating a romantic and memorable date setting with your partner.
  • A thoughtful and timeless gift choice for weddings, housewarmings, and special occasions.
  • Enhance the experience of farm-to-table events and outdoor festivals with a natural and charming presentation.

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