Willow Oval Crown Basket

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Material: Willow
Dimension: Small
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Style: Cute & Bohemian

The Willow Oval Crown Basket, a charming handcrafted piece rooted in tradition, originates from the skilled artisans of the English countryside. This exquisite basket seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your living space. Its versatile design makes it perfect for organising essentials, showcasing decorative items, or serving as a unique gift basket. Crafted with durable willow and carefully finished, the basket is easy to maintain and promises long-lasting quality. Embrace the timeless allure of the Willow Oval Crown Basket, a delightful addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for any occasion.


Willow oval crown baskets, also known as willow crown trays or willow tray baskets, are versatile and can be used in various applications:

  • Home Decor: These baskets make charming decorative pieces, perfect for adding a rustic touch to your home. They can be displayed on tables or hung on walls.
  • Storage: Willow oval crown baskets can store and organise items like fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, jewellery, or household essentials. They can also be used in bathrooms to hold toiletries.
  • Gift Presentation: These baskets are an excellent choice for presenting gifts. Fill them with gourmet treats, flowers, or other goodies for a unique and eco-friendly facility.
  • Floral Arrangements: Florists often use these baskets as a base for creating beautiful flower arrangements, whether for weddings, events, or home decor.
  • Picnics: These baskets can be used for breezes to carry and display your favourite snacks, sandwiches, and fruits.
  • Crafts: They can be an excellent base for DIY craft projects, such as creating gift baskets, centrepieces, or seasonal decor.
  • Market and Retail Displays: Willow crown baskets can be used in market stalls or retail displays to showcase products like fruits, baked goods, or artisanal items.
  • Events and Weddings: They are a popular choice for rustic or boho-themed events and weddings, used for table centrepieces, favours, or as part of the overall decor.
  • Easter: Willow crown baskets are commonly used for Easter egg hunts and as containers for collecting and displaying Easter eggs.
  • Organisation: Use them in your office or workspace to store stationery, documents, or small office supplies.

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