The Gujarati Wedding Colour Pallet Potlis- Set of 3

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SIZE: 9.5 inches
Material: silk
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If traditional Gujarati weddings were defined by a colour pallet- that would be White, Red & Green clearlyThere is a ritual in Gujarati weddings where females whisper “Akhand Saubhagya Vati” in the ear of the bride. After this the females are presented with favours from the mother-in-law of the bride. Potlis filled with goodies are the most popular favoursDigitally printed Patola with double line cushioning and silk lining, amped up with bling tassels, carry traditions in style and elegance with our Patola Potlis, idle for gifting and giveaways

Material: Silk with fibre bead

lace Tassels: signature lumba with wood covered glass beads and copper beads growth

Size: 9.5 inches by 9 inches

Colours: White, Green, Red

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