Square Bamboo Basket with Handle

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Material: Bamboo
Dimension: Medium
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Style: Farmhouse & Scandinavian


  • Storage Solution: Organise your living room, bedroom, or kitchen easily. It's ideal for storing blankets, throw pillows, magazines, toys, and more.
  • Indoor Plant Holder: Elevate your plant game with this bamboo basket as a stylish planter. It adds a touch of nature to your interior and complements various plant types.
  •  Picnic Companion: Take it outdoors for a picnic or a day at the beach. Its convenient handle ensures easy transport of your picnic essentials.


  • Chic Aesthetic
  • Natural Appeal
  • Low Maintenance
  • Premium Quality
  • Modern Addition

Care Directions:

  • Avoid Moisture: While bamboo is naturally moisture-resistant, prolonged exposure to water can cause damage. Keep the basket in a dry environment.
  • Sunlight: Direct sunlight may cause the colours to fade over time. Place the basket away from direct sunlight to maintain its vibrancy.
  • Handle with Care: While durable, avoid overloading the basket with heavy items to prevent warping.

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