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We at Belur Products, Present in the Palace City Mysuru. Being the place of Unique products, We are the Manufacturers of Aromatic Products Since 1980 manufacture the natural Incense sticks (agarbathi), made with Natural n pure ingredients consisting of Homely Spices, Dried Rose Petals Powder, Pure Sandal Powder, etc., The purity of the Incense Sticks (agarbathies) itself turns into Natural Mosquito Repellent by nature.


The Mild Fragrance/Scent of our product are felt to be Loved by everyone on this Earth. Our Products are Eco-friendly, and Non-Pollutant, Being a friend to Mother Earth we are committed to saving our Mother Earth from Pollution. The Aromatic smoke produced by our Incense Sticks is Pollutant-free and Never pollutes Nature. We are Sure Once you try our Products.


You Become a fan of Our Products to get the Divinity in you with Making Your Mind more Blissful and peaceful. Hurry and try out our first pack, Do Shop with us, and Spread the fragrance of Our Products to everyone around you. They do not cause any allergies like sneezing and are pet-friendly.

Rudra, Ikshvaku and Bliss Incense Sticks

Pack of 20 boxes = Ikshvaku(10 Boxes), Rudra (5 Boxes) and Bliss (5 Boxes)

Brand: Generic

Material: Bamboo

Dimensions : LxWxH 24.1 x 7.6 x 1.3 cm

Ingredients: Honey, Gum resin, Sandal & Root Extracts. 
Weight: 50 gms x 20 box = 1 kg

Note: Bulk order can be made

Note: Bulk order can be made No returns will be handle as per seller policy

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