Round Water Hyacinth Rope Tray With Handle

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Material: Water Hyacinth
Dimension: Medium
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Style: Rustic & Natural

The Round Water Hyacinth Rope Tray With Handle is a versatile and eco-friendly home accessory. It is handwoven from sustainable water hyacinth rope, creating a stylish and functional design. Use it to organize and display items in your home, from serving drinks and snacks to holding decorative items. With proper care, it can last for several years. To maintain its beauty, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. The benefits include adding a natural and rustic touch to your decor, supporting sustainable materials, and providing a practical way to keep your space organized. 


  • Use it as a stylish centrepiece or wall decor to add a touch of natural beauty to your home.
  • Organize your essentials with this tray on your coffee table or kitchen counter.
  • Perfect for coastal-themed parties or as a beach picnic accessory.
  • Carry snacks and drinks easily during picnics, BBQs, or garden parties.
  • Present it as a thoughtful and eco-conscious gift for friends and family.

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