Moonj Grass Designer Serving Tray

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Material: Moonj Grass
Size: Small
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Style: Rustic & Eco-friendly
  • The Moonj Grass Designer Serving Tray adds a touch of natural elegance to your table. Use it to serve appetisers, desserts, or drinks at your gatherings for an instant aesthetic uplift.
  • Its versatile design complements various decor styles. Elevate your dining experience by using it as a centrepiece or a stylish catch-all for keys and knick-knacks.
  • Crafted with durable moonj grass, this tray is built to last. Enjoy its longevity by avoiding excessive exposure to moisture and cleaning it gently with a damp cloth when needed.
  • The Moonj Grass Tray is low maintenance. Wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove any dust or spills. Its natural texture adds character over time, enhancing its appeal.
  • Embrace sustainable living with this eco-friendly tray. Harvested responsibly, the moonj grass used in its creation supports ethical craftsmanship. Make a statement with style and conscience.

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