Lord Ganesha Marble Statue

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Material: Marble Dust
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Ganesha is the god of beginnings. We worship Ganesha before any other God. His name signifies as ” Lord of the people( As gana means common people.).” Ganesha is pot-bellied and generally loves to eat modakas. Ganesha vehicle is rat, so Ganesha is diminishes all obstacles. And people keep ganesha idol for peace and prosperity all around. Just by having Ganesha as idol, we invite extraordinary positive vibrations. So generally every family  keeps Ganesha idol at their home.These idols help you discover your real self. Sometimes you have to be lost completely to really find you. You will get rid of your prejudices. The self realization eliminates contradictions of perception. Your life changes forever.


Material: Marble Dust 

Size -12" inch

Weight : 1.130 Kg Approx



Note: Handle with care, Easily breakable


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