Kora Grass Saree Box

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Material: Kora Grass
Shade: As per requirement
Shape: Rectangle
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The Kora Grass Saree Box, rooted in the artisanal traditions of South India, is a masterful fusion of artistry and practicality. Handcrafted with eco-friendly kora grass, this box is a testament to sustainable elegance. Originating from rural communities, it's designed to protect and preserve cherished sarees, making it an ideal choice for storing and gifting these timeless garments. Beyond its cultural significance, this box is low-maintenance, lightweight, and doubles as a piece of home decor, reflecting the rich heritage of craftsmanship. By choosing the Kora Grass Saree Box, you not only embrace a sustainable lifestyle but also honour the tradition of artisanship, creating an heirloom that stands the test of time.


A Kora Grass Saree Box serves various practical and decorative purposes:

  • Saree Storage: It's designed to protect and store sarees, keeping them pristine for special occasions or daily wear.
  • Clothing Storage: Besides sarees, the box can store other items like shawls, scarves, or garments, keeping them organised and well-preserved.
  • Decorative Display: The intricately designed Kora Grass Saree Box can be a decorative piece in your living space, adding a touch of rustic charm and cultural heritage to your decor.
  • Gift Packaging: It's an eco-friendly and stylish option for presenting sarees or other gifts for weddings, festivals, or special occasions.
  • Keepsake Box: You can store valuable items, mementoes, or sentimental treasures, keeping them safe and beautifully displayed.
  • Organisation: The box can be repurposed for organising various items such as accessories, documents, or crafting supplies, helping you declutter your space.

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