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Material: Fabric
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Product description: 

A child’s first companion, and undeniably the safest, friendliest and perhaps the most treasured of all the toys they choose to play with. Talking to a doll, doing her hair, brushing her teeth, dressing her up, feeding her, or talking her to sleep – a doll is the most relatable person for a child – yes, it’s not even you. Truly a reflection of child’s innocence and belief, which we grown-ups seem to have lost sight over, amidst our busy time. Dolls have been our playmates in our childhoods but for some of us (if not most), they maybe now found stored in closets for years. And that’s exactly why we want you to relive your childhood, through the tiny little hands and sparkling eyes of your child. With our best craftsmen at work, their unmatched skill and talent, expertise in applying traditional techniques and pure designing capabilities, we Anabling are once again pleased to introduce to you, our fabric doll Nesha - crafted beautifully only for your child. Happiness promised.


Basic care to ensure your Nesha remains loved forever.
Gentle wash, preferably with hands
Outfit to be washed separately
Keep dust free
Product Color: Multicolored
Product weight in gms: 20 x 8 x 4 cm;

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