Pure Copper Water Bottle - 750 ml

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Material: Copper
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Copper is an essential mineral significant for human health. It’s long been a holistic tradition in India to drink water from Copper bottles to have a balance in the body and to get rid of all the impurities. Our Copper Bottles are inspired by this age-old Indian tradition to make every sip of water count, as the modern-day single-use plastic bottles have become a menace to our health and our planet.

How healthy is Copper? 

Eliminates free radicals and toxins, Enhances Immunity, Prevents Aging, Better Digestion

How cool is Our Copper Bottle?

Easy to fit in your backpack- Avoid single-use plastic bottles on the go and become responsible.-Leakproof-Elegant and Stylish, standout!


Material – Pure Copper

Care Instructions –Add 2 tbsp –Vinegar: 1 Tbsp – Salt;

2 Cups water Close the Lid Shake and then Rinse

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