Coconut Shell Glass Finish

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Material: Coconut Shell
Size: Small
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Coconut Shell Glass Finish is a captivating design technique that embeds finely crushed coconut shell fragments into glass surfaces, resulting in a stunning fusion of nature and artistry. Its benefits include enhanced aesthetics, environmental sustainability, and added durability. Usage of Coconut Shell Glass Finish spans from stylish tabletops and home decor accents to elegant jewellery and accessories. To maintain its allure, clean it with a gentle cloth and mild glass cleaner while avoiding abrasive substances and shielding it from direct sunlight. Exquisite Coconut Shell Glass Coasters, Unique Coconut Shell Glass Jewelry, Customized Picture Frames, Tropical-themed Tableware, and Personalized. Decorative Plaques all convey elegance and eco-conscious sophistication in every piece.

Application: Decorative Items, Furniture, Architectural Elements, Jewellery, Tableware, Lighting.

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