Cane Lamp Shade With Iron Frame Without Electrical Accessories

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Material: Cane
Dimension: D 14 x H 19
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Style: Rustic & Natural


  • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a cane lamp shade that diffuses soft, natural light, perfect for cosy evenings.
  • Crafted from sustainable materials, this lampshade adds a touch of eco-conscious style to your space.
  • Personalise your lighting by adding your choice of bulbs, cords, and fixtures for a unique, rustic aesthetic.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable lighting option.
  • Adds rustic charm and warmth to the decor.
  • No electricity is required, reducing energy costs.
  • Unique, handcrafted design complements various interiors.
  • Provides soft, ambient lighting without harsh glare.

Care Directions:

  • Keep your cane lampshade clean by gently dusting it with a soft brush or cloth to maintain its natural beauty.
  • Please protect it from humidity and moisture to prevent mould or warping of the cane material.
  •  When moving or storing, handle the lamp shade gently to avoid any damage to the delicate cane and iron frame.

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