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Material: Bamboo
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When it comes to Shaving, modern-day safety razors are creating a lot of unnecessary waste. Billions of Cartridges and plastic razors are thrown every year, which can’t be recycled as a result of which they end up in nature or they are burnt. But we have a way out for it! We have designed a good old traditional Safety Razor made from Bamboo! This is a reusable Safety Razor that can last for years altogether. Our Bamboo Safety Razors renders a comfortable and close shave, without any skin irritation. It has a long handle and stainless steel head ergonomically designed for good grip and safety.


*How to use: It’s Easy Peasy, unscrew the Steelhead. The two parts will separate and then place the blade in between them. Screw it back and then you are good to go!

*How to care: After every shave, loosen the head and hold it underwater to remove any leftover hair and lather. Dry the body and the blade after every use, wipe it dry with a towel. Store in a dry place. Follow this regularly and this one razor will be all that you will need for a lifetime!

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