Bamboo Brown Jug

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Material: Bamboo
Dimension: 10″
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Style: Natural & Eco-Friendly


  • Designer bamboo glass can be used as stylish vases or candle holders to add a natural and rustic touch to your home or any space.
  • These glasses can create eco-friendly lighting by placing LED candles inside, casting a warm and calming glow.
  • They also serve as unique serving pieces for beverages or appetisers, impressing guests with their distinct and eco-conscious design.


  • Bamboo brown jugs are eco-friendly and made from renewable bamboo resources.
  • They are sturdy yet lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport.
  • Bamboo offers natural insulation, keeping liquids at the desired temperature.
  • Their unique bamboo texture and brown hue add an appealing rustic touch.
  • Bamboo is biodegradable, reducing the environmental footprint.

Care Directions:

  • Avoid exposing the jug to prolonged direct sunlight, which can cause fading and damage to the bamboo.
  • Ensure good airflow around the jug to prevent moisture buildup and mould growth.
  • Handle the jug gently to prevent scratches or dents and maintain its appearance.

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