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Measuring and Weighing Advice

Some times we just don't have a set of scales or a tape measure at hand when we need them. However this shouldn't stop you from sending your parcel with DHL. We are here to help - take a look at our weight and size comparison guide below. We have taken everyday objects from around the house or office and given you the measurements to help you compare the sizes and weights against your parcel

How to Measure Volumetric Weight

If your parcel is large in size and light in weight, the delivery price may be calculated by the parcel's volumetric weight rather than its actual weight. To calculate the volumeric weight, use the formula below. Parcel weight is rounded up to the nearest half Kilo. The greater of the two weights will be used to calculate the delivery cost.

Length x Width x Height (cm) /5000 = Weight (kg)


Backed by our strong network and experience, we offer a full range of cross-border shipping services covering more than 220 countries across the globe. With economical shipping options and reliable transit times, we also offer tracking visibility throughout the journey and take care of all customs, clearance formalities and other requirements for you. To use our services, all you have to do is:

  • Choose the destination you want to ship to
  • Choose which type of shipment it is (document or parcel)
  • Choose from DHL's package options or mention the dimensions of your parcel
  • Enter your address and the receiver's address
  • Schedule a pick up of the parcel
  • Get an electronic Airway Bill instantly once the booking is done


Ship your parcel with DHL

We have a generous weight limit of 70kgs per parcel and offer you the service of being able to plan ahead and arrange a collection up to five days in advance. Registering on the DHL website is optional, but it has time-saving options to fulfil your next shipment requirements faster.

You can now send your parcel anywhere in the world with just a few clicks! With the DHL eStore service, all you have to do is pack your parcel, check our delivery prices online, schedule a pick up and pay via Debit/Credit Card or PayTM. A DHL courier person will come and collect the parcel from the place you had scheduled the pick up from, be it your home or office.

Understanding Pricing  

DHL's shipment charges are calculated according to the higher value of the actual or volumetric weight per piece and any piece may be re-weighed and re-measured by DHL to confirm this calculation.

The shipper or receiver shall pay or reimburse DHL for all shipment or other charges due, any custom duties owed for services provided by DHL or incurred by DHL on behalf of the shipper or receiver. Payment of custom duties may be requested prior to delivery.

If DHL uses its credit with the custom authorities or advances any custom duties on behalf of a receiver who does not have a DHL account, DHL shall be entitled to charge a fee.


DHL takes care of all customs and clearance requirements for its customers, which may include:

  • Completing any documents, amending product or service codes, and paying any duties, taxes or penalties required under applicable laws and regulations (Customs Duties)
  • Acting as the shipper's forwarding agent for customs and exporting control purposes
  • Acting as the receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and ensure smooth entry into the country
  • Redirecting the shipment to the receiver's customs broker or any other address upon the request of any person who DHL deems authorized.